• Guinot Bioxygene Cream


    BiOXYGÈNE Cream is an exquisite blend of science and beauty, specifically formulated to preserve and enhance the ageless elegance of women’s skin. This luxurious cream serves as a protective shield, guarding the skin throughout the day against pollution and environmental stressors that can accelerate aging. At the heart of BiOXYGÈNE Cream is Pro-Oxygen, a remarkable and unique active ingredient. It is expertly designed to bolster and enhance the oxygenation of skin cells, a key factor in maintaining a youthful and vibrant complexion. Regular use of this cream helps to restore and maintain the skin’s healthy radiance, revealing a complexion that is visibly rejuvenated and “in fine form.” In addition to its protective qualities, BiOXYGÈNE Cream excels in maintaining optimal moisture balance.

  • Guinot Creme Beaute Neuve


    Day by day, BEAUTÉ NEUVE Cream unveils its remarkable abilities to enhance the beauty and youthfulness of women’s skin. This luxurious cream is specifically designed to restore luminosity, refine skin texture, and even out the complexion, addressing the core needs of aging and dull skin.
    Our skin often suffers from a lack of oxygen due to the accumulation of dead skin cells, which impedes cellular renewal. BEAUTÉ NEUVE Cream, with its peeling properties, expertly exfoliates these dead cells. Peelactive, the cream’s potent active ingredient, actively facilitates both cell turnover and skin renewal, revealing a fresher, more vibrant layer beneath. Incorporating a Vegetable Wax Complex, this cream also provides essential nourishment and protection. This ensures that your skin is not only rejuvenated but also shielded from environmental aggressors.

  • Guinot Hydra Summum Cream


    Water is the fountain of youth for the skin, vital for maintaining its beauty and health. As women age, their skin’s moisture levels naturally decline, leading to dullness, discomfort, and the emergence of wrinkles. HYDRA SUMMUM is a rejuvenating solution designed to counteract these effects by reviving the skin’s natural hydration processes.


  • Guinot Longue Vie Cream


    LONGUE VIE cream is a remarkable breakthrough in the world of beauty and anti-aging, specifically tailored for women who desire to retain their youthful allure. This unique cream harnesses the latest advancements in cell longevity, directly translating laboratory innovations into skincare excellence. As the skin matures, the natural cell reproduction process slows down, leading to visible signs of aging like wrinkles, skin slackening, and a loss of radiance. LONGUE VIE cream, unparalleled in its formulation, is infused with essential ingredients that catalyze natural cell renewal. This accelerated process rejuvenates the skin, reinstating a youthful vitality and glow.

  • Guinot Nutri Confort Cream


    For women seeking to preserve their timeless beauty and combat the signs of aging, addressing dry skin is crucial.This cream will replenish the lipids that are often deficient in dry skin, helping to maintain its youthful suppleness. Provide rich nourishment and softening, enhancing the skin’s natural beauty and smooth texture. Restore a sense of comfort to sensitive skin, which often suffers from dryness and redness, thereby revealing a more soothed, radiant complexion.


  • PRX Therapy Box Care at Home


    PRX-Therapy is a groundbreaking skin rejuvenation system, offering a comprehensive three-phase treatment that combines professional clinic procedures with an advanced at-home skincare routine. To effectively rejuvenate the skin, it’s essential to stimulate, nourish, and protect it. By incorporating WiQo Nourishing and Moisturizing Dry Skin Cream and WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid into your daily home care, you enhance and prolong the effects of biorevitalization treatments received at the clinic.

  • Rejuvi Asta Enhancing Serum


    The world’s most powerful antioxidant! Experience unparalleled antioxidant power with this highly concentrated Astaxanthin formula (the best natural source is a micro algae called Haematococcus pluvialis which is the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world) an antioxidant that outperforms others significantly – up to 1000 times stronger than vitamin C and 500 times more than vitamin E. This formulation is designed to provide an additional shield against sun and environmental damage, helping to diminish the visibility of sun spots and freckles. It also deeply hydrates the skin’s deeper layers, maintaining its natural moisture equilibrium.

  • Rejuvi Skin Healing Gel


    Rejuvi’s Healing Gel is a soothing sanctuary for your skin, offering a multitude of benefits for those dealing with irritation and damage. Crafted with a potent blend of 98% Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract, this gel is a miracle worker in calming and soothing the skin, while also promoting its healing. Ideal for alleviating discomfort from sunburn, windburn, dry or chapped skin, insect bites, and the effects of aggressive skin treatments or prosthetic makeup, this gel provides immediate relief. Its deeply penetrating formula is exceptionally effective in reducing itchiness and sensitivity.

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