Hydrating regenerating eye serum



Particularly strong, moisturizing, regenerative and anti-aging serum for the eye area. Contains specially selected types of hyaluronic acid, olive leaf extract, natural aloe extract, panthenol (vitamin B5), allantoin, natural vitamin C, vitamin B3, active peptides and other anti-wrinkle and antioxidant agents. It has a charming and anti-inflammatory effect, deeply hydrates the skin. It contributes to the synthesis of collagen and to the formation of new cells. It prevents premature aging, wrinkles, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, keeps it youthful, improves its natural defense and health. Significant combination of hydration, elasticity and regeneration.

Apply the serum to clean skin, in the morning before the moisturizer, and the night after the make-up, around the eyes. Great base for makeup. Gently massage until fully absorbed.