Anti aging & firming face cream



Enhanced face cream with direct firming and anti-aging action. Enriched with natural olive, grape, avocado and apricot oils and active ingredients of natural origin that reduce the signs of aging. Contains retinol and collagen microspheres that penetrate the wrinkles and fill them from inside, making the skin smooth and the gradual release of water molecules absorbed by the skin provide deep and lasting hydration. At the same time, a seaweed complex creates a clamping film that offers immediate sensation but also long-lasting tightening to the skin through the strengthening of collagen fibers.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT (VINIDERM) It is particularly rich in β-viniferine and polyphenols, which protect the epidermal stem cells from the oxidative action of free radicals while stimulating the production of collagen-1, enhancing elasticity of the epidermal barrier and smoothing the wrinkles.